Husqvarna GT52XLS

Production: 2013 - 2018  



TypeGarden tractor
Original price$3300 (2013 )


Chassis4x2 2WD
CabOpen operator station with high-back seat.

Power Take-off (PTO)

Mid PTOindependent


Charging amps15
Battery CCA230
Battery volts12
Battery AH28
Battery GroupU1R

Engine Detail

Kawasaki FR730V:Gasoline, 2-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement726 cc 44.3 ci
Bore/Stroke3.071x2.992 inches 78 x 76 mm
Power (gross)24 hp 17.9 kW
Torque39.7 lb-ft 53.8 Nm
Torque RPM2400
Starter volts12
SparkplugNGK BPR4ES
Sparkplug gapNGK inches 0.000 mm


TransmissionHydro-Gear G7
Typebelt-driven hydrostatic
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse
Oil changesealed unit, owner service is not recommended


Wheelbase48 inches 121 cm
Length71.3 inches 181 cm
Width53.3 inches 135 cm
Height42.5 inches 107 cm
Weight635 lbs 288 kg
Front axleCast-iron

Husqvarna GT52XLS Tractor and Accessory Insights

The Husqvarna GT52XLS tractor, equipped with a fabricated deck, has gained popularity among homeowners for its robust performance. This article delves into user experiences, blade preferences, and considerations for various attachments.

Gator Blades vs. Stock Blades

One common query among GT52XLS owners is the choice of blades. Many have used Gator blades with mixed results. While they perform "OK," they may not always deliver optimal results, particularly when dealing with thicker or longer grass. Some users have reported that Gator blades leave a strip of uncut grass, aligning with the left-most spindle under such conditions. To address this issue, GT52XLS owners contemplate switching to stock blades or high-lift blades. The choice depends on the specific mowing conditions and individual preferences.

Deck Alignment and Blade Maintenance

It's essential to ensure the deck's alignment and the blades' condition. A level deck, blades on the correct plane, and proper straightness of the deck are crucial for an even cut. While some owners have tried mulch kits, these can sometimes lead to issues like grass clumps. A common suggestion is to maintain a slight front-to-back angle on the blades for optimal performance.

The Importance of Blade Maintenance

Proper blade maintenance is essential to prevent issues like uncut strips of grass. Regular blade sharpening and ensuring that blades are not bent or damaged are key to maintaining a clean cut.

High Lift Blades

High lift blades are an alternative to Gator blades for those facing persistent uncut grass strip problems. These blades create more lift, reducing the chances of leaving behind uncut grass.

Mulch Mowing Considerations

Mulch mowing is a specialized technique with a learning curve. To achieve the best results, users need to allow mulch blades to cut grass clippings into smaller pieces inside the deck. Overloading the deck can lead to clumps of unmulched clippings, similar to forcing a circular saw or drill to work too quickly. Mulching is not ideal when grass is wet or too long, but Gator blades can work well for this method.

Additional Attachments

Many GT52XLS owners find value in other attachments to enhance their lawn maintenance capabilities. Some accessories commonly used include:

  • Cub Cadet XT3 GSX with Johnny Bucket Jr & Plow: This attachment adds versatility, allowing for more extensive tasks such as plowing.

  • MotoAlliance Impact Implements: These attachments, including a ripper, landscape rake, and rear blade, provide enhanced landscaping capabilities.

  • Husqvarna DJX129 Trimmer: A trimmer with a chainsaw and a Renegade Brush Blade for tackling various yard maintenance tasks.

  • Earthquake Fields Edge M205 Wheeled String Trimmer: Ideal for keeping edges and hard-to-reach areas of the lawn tidy.

Blower and Snow Removal Attachments

For those living in regions with heavy snowfall, the Husqvarna GT52XLS tractor can be used with snow removal attachments. There are discussions about the compatibility of blowers, with some users favoring Bercomac snow blowers.

General Maintenance

Proper maintenance, such as regular greasing of spindle, wheel bearing, and mandrel Zerks, is essential to keep the GT52XLS running smoothly. Some users prefer to use a dry lubricant on the steering sector to minimize debris buildup.

Choice of Engine Oil

Regarding engine oil, GT52XLS owners have discussed the use of synthetic oils. The choice typically depends on the specific engine and usage conditions. Refer to your owner's manual for specific recommendations, as well as considering the prevailing climate and the need for multi-viscosity oils for better cold-weather performance.

Closing Thoughts

The Husqvarna GT52XLS is a versatile and powerful tractor designed to handle various lawn and garden tasks. Users' preferences for blades, attachments, and maintenance routines may vary based on their specific needs and local conditions. With the right approach, the GT52XLS can provide reliable and efficient lawn care.

Please note that user experiences and preferences may vary, so it's essential to consult your owner's manual and local experts for personalized advice on maintaining and operating your GT52XLS tractor.

Husqvarna GT52XLS Video

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